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Team Matrix Paintball Warriors Team Matrix Paintball Warriors 

Team Matrix was made up of players that love the game of paintball.Most of the time you will see us at Paintball Parks through out Ontario lighting up the fields.


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Saturday April 16th 2005

  Unfortunatley it doesn't look like were gonna be playing league this year.So a few of us were thinking if we make a Matrix Day out at the new Wasaga Beach Outdoor/Indoor Adventure Paintball Park.Great place to play if you haven't made it out yet.I was out there Grand Opening on April 9th what a amazing day for playing paintball.great fields, lots of room to set your gear up, staff and refs are just top notch there always there to help.

  So please look into your date books see what dates are good for you and lets make a day of talking paintball and showing evrybody how Team Matrix  can play the game.

 Email me or contact me on MSN or AIM


AIM Yogster360

  I keep posting updates once I know whats going on.

Some tips and tricks from the pros Tips And Tricks

Revolution battery door fix

I always hated how hard these were to put into place (they're difficult without batteries, let alone with batteries). I've also noticed cracking of the shells on the rails where the battery door slide. Culprit: the battery door is simply too wide! The door width puts to much pressure on the side of the rails where it slides (friction) and it's even worse when there's batteries in it. Solution: sand it down. If you look at the battery door, there's two widths to it. There's a narrower width up by the part of the battery door that slides in first, then it widens out for the rest of the length of the battery door. Sand it down to the narrower width and clean up the edges of any burs. Be careful how much you sand off. The black doors will take a little longer than the Gem shells, since there's no doubt that the Gem shells are a softer plastic (believe me, I've tried). This should make battery insertion and removal a little easier, as well as hopefully extend your shell life.

How Fast Can You Pull The Trigger

Give it a try